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Binary Series I

Binary Series II


Creation 2

Plains of Gold Series

Clinton Osborne writes: Imagine looking at the world through new eyes - alien eyes!

That was the objective of a new set of community photography workshops which recently took place in the district of Harborough, rural south Leicestershire...Entitled "Plains of Gold," the name of the original landing site of the first NASA spacecraft landing on Mars in 1976. The workshops were made possible with through a Year artist award with the financial support of East Midlands Arts, and were hosted by Harborough district Council, and featured artist and coordinator Clinton Osborne along with the Hargorough community.

Research into the digital technology employed by NASA Viking Lander on Mars allowed the artist to explore a bizarre set of visual connections between Mars, Harborough and the Earth which have found their way into an exhibition of over seventy of these images which ran at Welland Park Community College, Market Harborough. The work, which relied entirely on digital imaging technology, made use of digital cameras, scanners, iMac's and printers.


Plains of Gold I


Plains of Gold II


Plains of Gold III


Plains of Gold IV

"I don't know of any precedents for this kind of work, either on this scale or on this theme -- it's definitely the largest work I've ever created," said the artist, "and it's all possible through a Year of the Artist award." "The Space Age begins here!"


Clinton Osborne

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